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We xnxx hot couldn't get a clear picture on the preliminary ones we took." I stare at her blankly, not understanding til she shakes me. "Do you understand?" I nod weakly, and I see her look up and over my head. "Okay," she says, addressing some unknown person. "On three, you push down, I'll pull his arm xxx xnxx up and over." Fear videos xnxx begins to grip me, but before I can stop them, videos xnxx the one above me has hands pushing down on my shoulder, and she begins to pull xnxx app my arm. As they do this, my back arches suddenly, my whole body snapping in pain. A white-hot feeling so xnxx japan intense and pure emits from my shoulder that I scream without realizing it, borne away on a current of pain so strong that I can become nothing xnxx jav else but it. "Keep going," she says, xnxx sex video grunting as she pulls. It seems to go www.xnxx on for forever until, blessedly, I feel a huge snap shake throughout my whole body, jerking my spine. 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Just relax -- you can see him later." I stare at him worriedly, my fingers shaking. "Are you sure? You're not lying to me??" Brendan shakes his head, but avoids my eyes. "Jere, chillax. Just talk to the officer, and then we'll talk, okay? Shae is fine, though." I drag my eyes off him to find Officer Byers again, who continues. xnxx teen "So, is that correct?" I nod slowly, still xxnx.com looking at Brendan fearfully. "Yeah," I say faintly, the drugs in my blood seeming japanese xnxx to thin out slightly as the memory of Shae hurtles back. "They came out of nowhere and started swinging." "Do you know why?" The pain xnxxcom in my shoulder starts to come back, and I xnxx video xnxx indian wince slightly, shifting away from the nurse's touch. "They don't like gay people," I say hollowly, closing my eyes weakly. porn xnxx "Homophobic." There xnxx arab is a silence as the officer scribbles something down, and then: "Are xnxx app you gay? Is that why they did this?" I start to shake my head instantly, and then stop, opening my eyes. "... I... I... don't know," I say faintly, my brain feeling like mush. "I think so." "You think you are gay, or that is the reason they did that? Can you clarify?" I shake my head slowly, trying to displace the fog clouding it. "No, I know that's why they did that... but I'm not.....I don't think I'm gay..." "Is it true, then, that they did this because they heard that you and Sheldon were romantically involved?" I nod. "Yeah..." "Are you?" "No...I don't know..." mom xnxx Then the doctor cuts in, much to my relief. "Jeremiah needs his rest now, xnxx com officer... you can come back later." The officer sighs, but nods. wwwxnxx Offering me xxnx.com a smile, he fishes around in his pocket. "I'm going to give your friend my card. If you have anything else to tell me, please don't hesitate to call, okay?" I nod slowly, and close my eyes. 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But they were able to patch up his head... he'll have a plate in there, though, until the bone meshes together again. The bleeding's stopped, and from what they can tell from a CAT scan, there shouldn't be much brain damage, if any at all. The doctors told me that it is like when you drop a CD player on the floor... it shuts itself off from the impact.... but it xxnx will turn on again. Same with Shae, they figure. They're just waiting xnxx videos for him to turn on again." I nod uselessly, sinking into the bed slowly, wanting to xnxx sex hide from everything. "What xnxx tv about Derek and Marc?" I ask dully, biting my lip. "They're fine. Shae did quite a number on Derek though..." he pauses to grin. "Broke his nose in three xnxx asia places, fractured his jaw, permanently screwed up one xnxx download of his jav xnxx eyes, too, I think." I have to smile through my tears. Brendan squeezes my hand tightly. "Derek got arrested for assault and hate crime; Marc for attempted murder. They intend, from what I heard, to plead guilty to all charges. Once Derek saw Shae in the emergency room, he started to cry... begged to pay for what he and Marc did." Swallowing, I try to smile to that, but I just can't. The urge to kill still floods my xnxx asia veins, and I shift restlessly. "Why wasn't Shae's truck in xnnx the lot?" I ask. "Did.. Jamie go get him after all?" Brendan shrugs. "I'm not sure. I know he was coming back from Jamie's.. I don't think he went to work. I don't know why. So I guess he came across you when he was coming back." I xnnx nod bitterly and bite my lip desi xnxx again, cursing ever xnxx tamil having gone down there. "Supid guy didn't even pause to see what was jav xnxx going on... he just hurtled himself right at Derek." Brendan chuckles softly, without mirth. "That's Shae vidio xnxx for you. I porn xnxx guess he was pretty pissed when he xnxx tamil saw Derek threatening you, figured that was proof enough, and just xnxx.com went mad. xnxx porn Derek's a pretty tough guy.. I've seen him fight indian xnxx before. He's taken stronger guys than xnxx porn Shae down... but from what I porn xnxx heard the officer say from Marc was that Shae had him completely pinned down. That's fuckin' incredible." I nod and wipe at my eyes with the back of my hand. "Yeah... I couldn't believe it. I just wish I could have moved faster... stopped Marc..." I stop here, feeling a lump rise in my throat. "Don't worry about it, Jere," Brendan says softly, shaking his head. "Not your fault. You were hurt pretty bad yourself. I don't want to hear anything else on it, okay?" I gape at him porno xnxx for a moment, but then nod. With a smile, he stands, and lets me have back my xnxx movies hand. "I'm gonna go and check up on Shae. You rest... you need it. The docs tell me that you should be out by tomorrow, they just don't want you moving at all right now... xnxx jepang don't want your arm to fall back out." I nod, and stare after him as he leaves. Once he is gone, I close my eyes and grip the sheets tightly, feeling tears as hot as lava trail down my neck and into my shirt. * * * * "Hey, Jere? You awake?" Groggily, I open my eyes. The unfamiliar scent of the little hospital room comes back to me, making me xnxx xnxx cringe at that dirty antiseptic smell that always smells, to me, like death. I look around for a moment, until an redheaded face swims into view. Focusing slowly, Jamie's features begin to lock together, and I sit up slowly, gasping as my shoulder protests. "Lie still, man," he says, resting a xxx xnxx hand on my arm. "Just xnxxx wanted to see if you were okay... that was a pretty nasty hit you took." I stare up at him for a moment, blinking wearily. His normally perfectly crafted hair lies touseled on his head, and his perfect cream complexion looks slightly xxnxx green. Silver-blue eyes watch me with watery concern, and I see that xnxx stories the sleeves sex xnxx of his expensive white cashmere sweater are coloured rust with dried blood. I look at him quietly, wondering if that blood is xxnx Shae's. "Yeah, I'm fine," I say, looking down, unable to look at him. xnxx korea "I won't stay long," he says awkwardly, clearing his throat. "I just... wanted to tell you... whatever... fight... was... going on between you and xnxx.com Shae... well... xnxx sex video fix it, okay? It's really.. hurting him." I glance at him xnx quickly. "What do you know about it?" I ask quietly, xnxxcom feeling quite admirably calm in the face of his presence. "Well," xnxn he says, running his fingers through his hair distractedly. "I know that you guys kissed.. and I know that it meant alot to him, but he's scared to tell you because he thinks you hate him for it. And... well..-" But I cut him off here quickly, sitting up and speaking icily, staring at him with burning eyes. "Shut xnxx desi up, Jamie," I tell him, feeling a bitter taste rising in video xnxx my mouth. "Just... shut xxx xnxx up. I don't need to hear this bullshit. If phim xnxx it meant so much to him, then why the hell was he climbing japanese xnxx all over you practically the very next day? I saw you guys in his room... so don't fucking tell me that it meant so much to him. I'm not stupid, xnxx india and I wish you people wouldn't treat me like it." Jamie stares at me for a bit, xnxx video his mouth hanging open slightly, his xnxx selingkuh eyes bright with surprise. But he gathers himself together again quickly, indo xnxx and stammers for words. I am unimpressed until he actually starts to make sense. "...that was because I... asked him to. Because I knew he needed to. And he let me... xnxx download I don't know why. But today he came over mom xnxx and talked to me, told me that xnxx download it was a mistake, and was practically in tears about it until I told him that I knew it was casual, he didn't need to worry. He told xxnxx me, and I'm quoting it word for word: 'I just needed it and you were there. I'm sorry.' But desi xnxx I knew that.. it was fine. xnxx barat I was just so.. japan xnxx astounded that he'd xnxx porno let me. I'm so used to getting turned down by him. Everyone is." I must have looked very confused as he spoke, because he continues quickly, wringing his hands in his lap in anguish. "He never lets xnxx anime anyone close to him... you of all people should know that. That's why I wanted him to come over tonight. I didn't know he'd get so freaked out about it. He was on his way back to talk to you.. when.. everything happened... " I shift slightly on the bed, staring at the xnxx tube blanket that covers me as my brain tries to assimliate all this unexpected information. "Jere... look. I don't know why you can't see this... but everyone else can..." I look up at him xnxx jepang as he speaks, and he holds my gaze unflinchingly, his words earnest. zoo xnxx "Everyone that sees you two together xnxx vina garut knows how much he loves you. They take one look at the way Shae moves bokep xnxx and looks around you, and they know. Most people ask me if you video xnxx two are together, xnxx arab that's how obvious it is. I bokep xnxx wish I knew how you blinded yourself so well to it.. I wish I could make you understand. xnxx bokep But the other night.. when you.. saw us... it wasn't ME xxnxx he was seeing, Jere. That's why he xnxx vina garut had to stop.. because he was feeling you too much.. and didn't think it was fair to either me or him. He felt so bad... but xnxx bokep eventually he let me push him back... made him close his eyes and think of you. I didn't care that it wasn't me doing it for him... I just knew that he needed it so bad. And I wasn't going xnxx tube to say no to xnxx tube him.. the hottest guy on campus..." I try to find words. But I can't. I stare into Jamie's eyes desperately, clinging to an edge that I can't quite define. I search his xxn bright eyes for some hint of deceit, and find none. But that hurts xnxx gay even telugu xnxx more for some reason, so I look away again, my heart pounding in my chest, desi xnxx my hands feeling weak and my head lighter than air. Jamie xnxn speaks again, this time more quietly, and I feel his hand slipping into mine. "You wouldn't have let me say what I've said if you didn't want it to zoo xnxx be true, I think, Jere. He's waited years for you... I never thought that he'd get anywhere, but hopefully I xnx.com am seriously video xnxx wrong. Am I?" I can feel my xnxx movies chest struggling for air as I look up through sudden, aching tears at him. God, don't be lying, xxnn I plead to him, www.xnxx feeling the whole world suddenly www xnxx start to change as his words xnxx videos hit home. His hand holds mine tightly, and I hold onto his for dear life, afraid to let go and fall back into the fathoms of fear and rejection that I've been living in for so long. "Yes," I say in a whisper, feeling my body shake as the zoo xnxx admission releases millions of xnnn demons out into the darkness of the place I've just left. He smiles at me gently, serenely, xnnx and hugs my arm lightly. "I hoped you free porn xnxx couldn't resist that angel... now, are you going to tell him?" I shake my head deleriously, wiping my tears away for what seems the millionth time this night. "I.. I.. I don't know... can I? Will.. will I have.. a chance.. to? xxnn Will it matter to him now?" Jamie smiles gently, and lifts my xmxx hand to his lips, where he kisses the back of it gently before standing to go. "You will sex xnxx have a chance. And it will always matter to him, Jere. Always. But as for if you can... that I don't know. I don't see how it could be hard... open up your eyes and remember all the moments you've spent with him. The intensity of his eyes... are only that intense around xnxx teen you. The beauty of his body... is always fluid and effortless phim xnxx when you are around. He'll kiss your cheek... which he xnxx tv doesn't do xxnx to anyone else. I've seen him blush www xnxx com as he sees you during the day in class, and his hands shaking when xnxx stories you look particularly sexy... which is all the time. I've opened up his binder to copy xnxx sex videos notes down and seen the countless times he's scrawled your name throughout the xnxx telugu pages. When you get home, go through his school books if you don't think it's being too... imposing. If you really want to know that xnxx sex I'm japan xnxx not lying... open them. You'll see." Smiling sadly at me, he winks and xnxx desi leaves, closing the door softly shut behind him, leaving me to blink tearfully at the empty space he left behind. * * * * "Jeremiah?" I look up quickly, in xnnn the middle of trying to pull a shirt over vidio xnxx my head. My doctor has his head around the door, a questioning smile on his xnxxx lips. I smile quickly back, and motion for him to come in. He does, xnxx hindi closing the door behind him, his white coat and stethescope glittering brilliantly in the flourescent lighting that I've learned to hate intensely. Approaching me, he helps me pull nxxn my shirt over my xnxn lame arm, grinning at my flustered smile. "Thanks," I say embarassedly, and he laughs, his kind blue eyes twinkling. "No problem. You're healing up quick." "Wish you could say the same about Shae," I say, sighing at him. xnxx sex videos xnxx telugu His gaze grows xnxx teen serious, and he nods. "Yes, I know. We all wish we could say that. But he is doing much, much better.. and this only the second day. You may